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Lizard’s Tail

20 Apr

Lizard’s Tail is an aquatic plant that grows in shady areas around lakes, ponds & marshes. The white drooping spikes of flowers that (hence the Lizard Tail name) appear in late spring and the plant keeps blooming through fall.

Lizard's Tail (Saururus cernuus)

Chinaberry Tree

7 Apr

When blooming, it is easy to see why this non-native invasive tree was brought to the Americas. Originally from Asia, it has beautiful sweet smelling lilac clusters of flowers each spring, followed by clusters of berries. It is fast growing and has good form. But that is where the good qualities end. It can be very invasive, crowding out native vegetation quickly. You can see them growing along fence rows, old fields, roadsides and in neighborhood lawns. So resist the urge to plant one of these in your own garden.

Chinaberry Tree flowers - Melia azederach

Chinaberry Tree - Melia azederach