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Wild Radish

25 Jan

Even though we’ve had over 10 nights of below freezing weather so far this winter – this Non-Native plant is now blooming. It is easily recognizable right now due to its deep green leaves and pale yellow flowers – while most everything else around it is dead & frozen! It can be found along roadsides and disturbed areas throughout Florida.


Wild Radish - Raphanus raphanistrum



Mother of Thousands

18 Jan

Kalanchoe delagoensis aka – Mother of Thousands and Chandelier Plant, can be found growing around old wooded areas & home sites. Not a native plant, it was brought here years ago as a tropical houseplant. Considered invasive, it spreads quickly by little tiny leaflets that fall off the main leaves. Once they hit the ground they start growing fast. It blooms with bright coral colored tubular flowers that hang like chandeliers. It takes the plant 2-3 years before it flowers, then the main plant dies. But the many thousands of leaflets grow on! It looks like a good plant for hummingbirds – but I don’t usually have hummingbirds in the garden during January. They will freeze to the ground in cold weather – but come back quickly.

Many (including myself!) pronounce it as Ka-lan-cho, but it is correct to say: ka-lan-ko-ee


Kalanchoe delagoensis aka - Mother of Thousands and Chandelier Plant