Archive | October, 2010

Dwarf Dandelion

14 Oct

A small annual plant the blooms mainly in winter & spring. The flower stalks grow to about 6″ high.


Virginia Dwarf Dandelion - Krigia virginica



Scratch Daisy

13 Oct

Small fall blooming yellow flowers on slender stems, grows to about 3′ tall. Found on roadsides, pinelands and disturbed sites.


Slender Scratch Daisy - Croptilon divaricatum



Powder Puff Vine

12 Oct

The Powder Puff is very similar to Sensitive Briar in looks, but main difference is this plant does NOT have thorns! Because of its lack of thorns, it is becoming popular as a home garden ground-cover plant. It will grow about 1-2″ high, trailing along the soil with bright pink flowers. A large carpet of the pink flowers is quite a sight.


Powder Puff - mimosa strigillosa



Balsam Apple

11 Oct

Balsam Apple is not a native vine, but is so prevalent in central & south Florida I decided to post it. It grows wild in my yard, quickly covering my desired plants and smothering out their light. In just one season it can grow 20 to 30′ across a fence or up a tree. When pulled out by hand, it leaves a smelly residue on your hands. It has about 1″ pale yellow flowers followed by small green gourd-like fruits that eventually turn bright orange. When fully ripe, they split to reveal bright red seeds.

Some say the fruit is edible & has medicinal properties- others say it is toxic, and shouldn’t be eaten.


Balsam Apple - Momordica charantia



Fall Colors

10 Oct

The area around Ozello, FL is one of my favorite places in Florida. It is on a long winding road through the salt marshes to the Gulf of Mexico. During the fall the Seaside Goldenrod blooms with fury along the road – it is an awesome sight to see.


Seaside Goldenrod - Solidago sempervirens (with Monarch & Gulf Fritillary Butterflies & a honeybee)


Monarch Magnet - can you count them all? At least 16 butterflies in this photo.




Nuttall’s Thistle

9 Oct

Nuttall’s Thistle is similar to the Horrible Thistle I posted awhile back. This plant grows much taller though – up to 5′.¬†Flowers are bright pink with a lavender tint. It is prickly – but not quite as much as the Horrible Thistle.


Nuttall's Thistle - Cirsium nutalli



Spurred Butterfly Pea

8 Oct

This vine has very narrow leaves that blend in with surrounding plants it grows on. Pale lavender flowers are what draws attention!


Butterfly pea - Centrosema virginianum