Archive | September, 2010

Rough Hedgehyssop

30 Sep

These small plants were growing on and around the trail at Wekiva State Park. They are tiny plants that are easily missed. The tiny white flowers have a distinctive curled tip to just one petal.


Rough Hedgehyssop - Gratiola hispida

Fringed Yellow Stargrass

29 Sep

Another beautiful flower found along the trail at Wekiva State Park. This Yellow Stargrass had lemon yellow flowers on grass like plants.

Fringed Yellow Stargrass - Hypoxis juncea


28 Sep

Beautiful flowering shrub found at Wekiva State Forest.

Sandweed (aka PEELBARK ST.JOHN'S-WORT) - Hypericum fasciculatum

Southern Beeblossom

27 Sep

Southern Beeblossom has beautiful flowers on tall weedy stems. They like full sun in sandy areas. This one was found growing along the trail at Wekiva State Forest.

Southern Beeblossom - Gaura angustifolia

Musky Mint

26 Sep

This Musky Mint was found growing near Lake Panasoffkee. I wanted to walk to the trail and get more photos,  but the mosquitos were so bad  we had to retreat back to the car – and it was only noon! The 3 black bugs in the photo are flower scarab beetles.

Musky Mint - Hyptis alata

Yellow Buttons

25 Sep

Yellow Buttons, aka Coastalplain Honeycomb in native throughout Florida in Pinelands and sandy scrub areas. This one was found growing in the Wekiva State Park under the pine canopy.

Yellow Buttons - Balduina angustifolia


24 Sep

Arrowhead, also known as Duck Potato can be found in marshy areas and lakeside areas. The name Arrowhead comes from the shape of the leaves – which is an arrowhead shape. The other name Duck Potato stems from the edible tubers, and it’s use by various animals including ducks for food.

Common Arrowhead - Sagittaria latifolia