Potato Tree

30 Aug

This relative of the nightshade, grows wild in my yard. For a while I had the largest specimen in the US! Two men for the US Forestry Service came to the house to measure & certify the size and it beat out a Texas tree for the largest Potato Tree in the US. Then along came Charley, Francis and Jeanne. So the Potato Tree was no longer. I have several relatives still growing – maybe they’ll be record breakers too! There is an interesting website for the big tree registry: http://www.americanforests.org/resources/bigtrees/

The plant has large wooly leaves and grows to about 25′ tall. The white fuzzy blooms bear bright orange round fruits. (fruit in the photo is still green). I’ve seen woodpeckers fly off with the berries, but they are toxic to humans.

Potato Tree - Solanum erianthum


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