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Helmet Skullcap

31 Aug

This pale blue flower was found growing in the Wekiva State Park. The blue flowers really stood out and caught my eye.

Helmet Skullcap - Scutellaria integrifolia

Potato Tree

30 Aug

This relative of the nightshade, grows wild in my yard. For a while I had the largest specimen in the US! Two men for the US Forestry Service came to the house to measure & certify the size and it beat out a Texas tree for the largest Potato Tree in the US. Then along came Charley, Francis and Jeanne. So the Potato Tree was no longer. I have several relatives still growing – maybe they’ll be record breakers too! There is an interesting website for the big tree registry:

The plant has large wooly leaves and grows to about 25′ tall. The white fuzzy blooms bear bright orange round fruits. (fruit in the photo is still green). I’ve seen woodpeckers fly off with the berries, but they are toxic to humans.

Potato Tree - Solanum erianthum

Flattop Goldenrod

29 Aug

This Goldenrod blooms summer and fall with bunches of bright yellow flowers.

Slender Flattop Goldenrod - Euthamia caroliniana

Lovebugs on Flattop Goldenrod


28 Aug

Also know as Plains Snakecotton, it is an annual that prefers dry, sandy sunny areas. The plant itself isn’t very noticeable, but once it shoots up  3′ spikes of white flower clusters it can be quite eye-catching.

Cottonweed - Froelichia floridana

Hysoppleaf Sandmat

27 Aug

This plant with small greenish white flowers and reddish stems can be found in disturbed sites throughout Florida.

Hysoppleaf Sandmat - Chamaesyce hyssopifolia

Hairy Dawnflower

26 Aug

This little morning-glory relative was blooming in the white sand scrub area. The vines were spread out for about 20′ and  covered with the white flowers. Each flower is about the size of a quarter and sparkled in the morning sun.

Hairy Dawnflower - Stylisma villosa

Eastern MilkPea

25 Aug

This trailing vine is quite common in pinelands and sandhills throughout the state. It is a host plant to the Ceraunus Blue and Cassius Blue Butterflies.

EASTERN MILKPEA galactia regularis