Spanish Needles

29 Jul

Many will say this is a weed that needs to be destroyed. It crops up in gardens and the tiny seeds “stick” to whatever passes by – pants legs, dog fur, socks whatever. I’ve heard all the horror stories of people trying to get rid of it, But I never had any in my garden – not until last year. Last year I bought a plant from a garden center that evidently had some seeds of Spanish Needles. Soon up popped some green leaves. I decided not to pull this new invader. After all the flowers are cute, and the butterflies love them. And at any time I look, a tiny little bee gathering nectar can be seen on each flower. When it gets a bit leggy I just cut it back, and it grows back fuller to bloom even more.

Dare I say it? I actually like having it in the garden! (but then again, I don’t have a dog)

Spanish Needles - Bidens alba


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