Archive | June, 2010

Salt-marsh Fleabane

30 Jun

I see this plant most often when over on the gulf coast of Florida. It likes the brackish marshes and wetland areas.

Salt Marsh Fleabane (Pluchea odorata)

Texas Vervain

29 Jun

The slender branches of this plant are tipped with lavender flowers. They like sunny well drained sites.

Verbena officinalis - Texas Vervain

Feay’s Prairie Clover

28 Jun

A field of these lavender pink flowers were blooming at a park near Tavares, Fl.  This plant really likes the dry sandy areas, and was growing well here in the sandy scrub.

Feay's Prairie Clover

Venus’ Looking Glass

27 Jun

Pretty blue flowers can be found growing in sunny fields and pastures throughout Florida.

Venus' Looking Glass - Triodanis perfoliata

Moss Verbena

26 Jun

This isn’t a native plant, but grows in the summer fields and pastures along with the natives.

Oblongleaf Twinflower

25 Jun

This tiny native wildflower is host to the Common Buckeye butterfly. It is usually less than a 8″ tall (the similar wild petunia can get much taller)

Scarab beetle on Twinflower


24 Jun

This is a non-native plant and listed as very invasive. It grows wild in my yard & I pull up a few, but am not too concerned about the ones I miss. I’ve noticed that the hummingbirds really like the flowers, so they do have a redeeming factor!