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Stinky – Stinky – Stinky

30 May

If you smell something like a dead animal in your yard – it may just be one of these weird mushrooms!

This was growing in my lawn near where I park my car. Ick- what a smell! Apparently the smell attracts flies to the slimy inside so they can make more of themselves.

Stinkhorn mushroom - Clathrus columnatus

Amethyst blooms

29 May

This clump of bright purple irises was growing on the banks of Rock Springs Run at Rock Springs State Park. I love when these flowers bloom each spring.

Purple Flag Iris

Lilac Tasselflower

28 May

This non-native wildflower came to my garden via a potted plant I purchased at the garden center. For a weed it is very well-behaved & I like the pale purple flowers – so I let them be.

Lilac tasselflower

Evening Glow

27 May

This photo of Indian Plaintain with a Grey Hairstreak butterfly was taken in a live oak & sand hill pasture that has now been converted to a subdivision. The property was just full of great native plants, bobcats, coyotes, fox squirrels & so much more. Before it was developed I drove in often to get photos of the flora & fauna that  were soon to disappear. We’ll just say those photos were taken at “BRC” & I’ll be posting more in the future. It was a sad day for me when they installed the gate at the entrance.

Grey Hairstreak on Indian Plantain

Fleabane – what a name!

26 May

These cute little daisy like flowers range from white to lavender with a bright yellow center. They’ll crop up along the roadside & empty fields, and the little flowers will just sway in the breeze.


Endangered Species

25 May

Florida Bonamia or Scrub Morning Glory is a beautiful flowering vine that is growing in a local nature preserve. Unfortunately it is one of Florida’s endangered species. It prefers to grow in Florida’s white sand scrub areas – which are quickly being built upon by developers.

Florida Endangered Species - Scrub Morning Glory (Florida Bonamia)

Artful Swirls

24 May

Blue Curls is one of my favorite wildflowers. I see them growing along the railroad tracks near my home. They make a nice plant, but I haven’t had any luck with them in my garden.

Blue Curls