Should I stay or should I go?

3 Nov

I haven’t been posting to this site for the past year even though I do have more flowers to add.

There aren’t ever any comments to any of the posts, so I am thinking of taking this site of the web completely.


If you want this website to stay on the internet, please leave a comment-

Let me know why you came and did you find what you were looking for?

Were you just looking at the pretty pictures?

Was the site helpful at all?

Or just say Hi!

Please leave a comment and let me know you are here – and if I should spend the time to continue on.

If I don’t get at least 10 comments by the end of the year, I may just abandon the site and take it down.



Native Passion Vine with Native Green Anole

Passion Vine with  Green Anole

Pine Lily

8 Jan

I finally found some blooming Pine Lilies, but they were on the other side of a deep water filled ditch! Their bright red blooms really caught my eye as I drove by. I zoomed in as much as I could and managed to get these photos. The Pine Lily (Lilum catesbaci) grows in moist pine lands and swamps throughout Florida

Pine Lily

Pine Lily


30 Jun

Hey a new post! Found a new flower for the blog this past weekend at Colt Creek State Park.  Whitetassels – Dalea carnea

Not sure how it got the name Whitetassels, it is a lovely shade of lavender. Big bumble bees seemed to enjoy the flowers as well.


Common Dayflower

30 Aug

The rain this year has been good for the Common Dayflower. It is not a true native, and grows wild in many lawns (especially mine!). It spreads along the ground and roots easily, making it hard to eliminate from the landscape. But the tiny blue blossoms make what remain a bit more welcoming!

There is a native Dayflower, but it has 2 blue flower petals, with the third one white.

Common Dayflower - Commelina diffusa


Cardinal Flower

27 Jul

Cardinal Flower is a Florida native plant that thrives in wet areas. If you canoe or kayak along the Wekiva, Withlacoochee or any of our other wild waterways during the summer, you’ll likely see this bright red flower along the shore. The flowers are so nice, that it has become a popular nursery plant, so you can easily purchase plants on-line to try them in your own garden. Just be sure to pick a moist shady area. It is a great hummingbird attractor too!

Cardinal Flower - Lobelia cardinalis

Ball Moss in bloom

24 Jul

Ball Moss is most commonly found growing on Live Oak trees in Central and South Florida. If you see a fuzzy grey ball growing on a tree – it is most likely Ball Moss. But it is not an actual moss –  it is a true flowering plant, related to pineapple, Spanish moss, and other bromeliads. An epiphyte, meaning it does not take nutrients or water from its host, it causes no harm to the tree. It gets nutrients from the atmosphere and rain. During spring and summer it produces lovely tiny purple flowers. A brown seed pod follows.

Ball Moss - Tillandsia recurvata

Golden Polypody

22 Jul

The Golden Polypody is also known as the Cabbage Palm Fern, since that is where you’ll most likely see this plant growing throughout Florida.

It is an epiphytic fern with large arching 2′ fronds which sprout out from a rhizome attached to the palm. The rhizomes are brown and hairy resembling a rabbit’s foot.

Golden Polypody - Phlebodium aureum